The hedgehog and the fox:  Ideas and impressions from Wolfson College

final21.jpgRomulus is a student-run magazine of Wolfson College, Oxford, produced annually since 1988. The forerunner to this magazine, called Lycidas, was first published in 1973 under the editorship of Henry Hardy.  Romulus, like the Wolfson College community, is continually transforming itself, and in this way the magazine captures different aspects of college life in each edition. As past editors have noted, this makes for a valuable, multi-focused record of the college. This year, we begin our publication with an essay by Henry Hardy, who introduces readers to The Hedgehog and the Fox, a popular work by Wolfson College’s first president, Isaiah Berlin, which discusses ‘types of thinkers’. We have asked this year’s contributors to reflect on Berlin’s essay and share their hedgehog-like and/or fox-like thoughts.

Editorial Board: Kate Kelley; Nick Hall; Grace Egan; Samuel Meister; Ben Holgate; Rae Hancock; Andrey Levitsky; Isabel Stoppani de Berrié; Tabassum Rashid; Veronika Nikitina.

The editorial board would like to give a special thanks to assistant archivist Liz Baird and fellow archivist Dr. Ellen Rice for kindly making available for review over 20 years of Romulus back-issues. In Trinity term 2013, Wolfson College members enjoyed browsing these at a Romulus wine reception.